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Villa Montalbano is an classic unspoilt seventeenth century Tuscan villa surrounded by its beautiful traditional olive farm,   The historic estate is located in the Montalbano Hills overlooking the plains of Florence, to which the Apennine mountain range provide a spectacular backdrop. Although it is a comparatively small villa, it has all the elements expected in a classic Tuscan villa: tower, chapel and lemon house (Limonaia).  Though modern bathrooms, electrical system and central heating have been incorporated, it otherwise retains all its original features, such as terracotta floors, old wooden beams and heraldic coats of armour..

Today the estate specialises in producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil which is sold to loyal clients around the world.  Some of the farm buildings are available as holiday lets and the Villa itself enjoys hosting a couple of events each year, usually weddings.

If you would like to know more, then do delve into this website.

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